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sabearfan — LiveJournal
I did an open water swim race this past weekend... it was certainly eye candy for daddies in speedos... *grin*... it's the first physical activity I've done since I dislocated my knee last year... so was good to get back out there and do something :)

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... some pics of myself that I actually like :) ... these were taken at my friends wedding this past December which I was the best man at... was good fun...

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So this is that me right now meme thing going on... I don't have much else to do right now, so thought why not...
This is me... at work... bored, lol... looking out the window at the beautiful weather we're having right now...
*le sigh*...

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Poll #1575739 Soccer World Cup

Who will be watching the Soccer World Cup

Yeah for sure!
Will follow in the news, but not really watch...
No, not interested.
Will watch as much as I can.
Don't understand the sport, so no really.
And... for those of you who are going to watch... which team will you be supporting? You gonna stay patriotic? For me, my team is Spain!!!

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Ok, about time I update this thing again... it's gonna be about recent happenings in my life... as well as the latest albums I'm digging... and an awesome advert thrown in for anticipation of the World Cup happening here soon... couldn't be more excited... gonna be EPIC!!!

Firstly, the happenings in my life... for starters, I got my ass dumped :( ... about a month ago now... I'd been going out with Pierre for about 15 months... it was a combination of things... for one, he is going to go work on the ships in Australia (and yes, I know, if he did really love me he would have stayed)... secondly, the event that eventually caused him to break up with me, was so freekin minor, it was very clear he was just looking for a way out... so hey, why should I fight for something that he doesn't want... and I can't make anyone love me... I know that now...

So I'm working through it, it is difficult.. but I must also admit that I have come out of this relationship a lot stronger mentally and emotionally... and in a much better space than I've been in for years...

Pierre and I... Cape Town... Good times...

Another major event in my life (well, soon to be major)... I've been living with a room mate, and thought it is time for me to head out on my own again, get my own place... preferrably one with a garden that allows pets, so I can finally get a dog again... halfway through my hunt for a new place I get a phone call from mother dearest... she subtly works into the conversation that she's basically run out of money... and needs a place to stay... so, long story short... I'm the only one in the position to help my mother out... so, room mate is moving out, I'm staying where I am, and my mom is coming to stay with me from August... Don't get me wrong, I'd do anything for my mother... just, let's say she's not the easiest person to get on with... so yeah, interesting times ahead!

K, now for the music... I'm gonna bullet point this stuff... this is MUST HAVE music people... it's life changing! (in no particular order )
  • Deftones - Diamond Eyes (Possibly the best album this year so far)
  • Black Keys - Brothers (So much awesomeness, classic black keys mixed with some new stuff)
  • Gorillaz - Plastic Beach (Stylo got to be one of the best singles... music video is awesome)
  • Yeasayer - Oddblood (I'm enjoying it)
  • Frightened Rabbit - Winter of Mixed Drinks (Great album)
  • Jamie Lidell - Compass (Funkiness all round, produced by Beck)
  • Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett (My new favourite artist, he's amazing)
  • LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening (Great opening track and lots of fun)
  • Broken Bells - Broken Bells (Nice acoustic chillness)
  • Foals - Total Life Forever (Spanish Sahara... can't get enough of that song, but whole album is well rounded)
There are a few more mixed in among there, but haven't gotten to them to give decent feedback... but for now those are keeping me pretty busy... and hey, if you guys have any suggestions for more, I'm always up for some new music :)

Now for the World Cup... you guys knowing I'm a HUGE soccer fan, I must admit I am seriously looking forward to the World Cup, RIGHT IN MY BACK YARD!!! I have got my name down for 4 games, and can not wait! So, in the spirit of soccer fever... I give you the new official Nike World Cup advert... I think it is brilliant... Write the future...

And that's me for now... how you guys doing?

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well how cool is this... this is the first single from my friends band... Saving Silence...
his name is Danie Carolus... he's the lead singer...
they're hoping to get this song play listed on the local radio station, and their album debut is due soon...
so hope you guys like it... I think, as far as South African standards go... it's pretty freekin awesome!!!


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OMG... Only in South Africa... ok, so this is a band that does an over exaggerated version of what we would classify as the Afrikaans "white trash" culture... admittedly though, it's hilarious... crude... and very well done... even their website...

doubt most of you will understand the lyrics out there... but trust me... it's classic... and I'd thought I'd share something different and something truly and uniquley South African :) ... oh, and NSFW...

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Ok, so as promised... here is more from my trip to Cape Town...

Hout Bay   Waterfront

Boat Trip

Bottom right is the new soccer stadium in Sea Point for the 2010 World Cup... it looks AMAZING!!!

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Ok... so I'm going to post a few pics for now... let you know a few things going down this side... and hopefully post some more during the week... since I haven't posted in so long...

What's been happening... well the bf and I are still going... we'll leave it at that, LOL... nah it's all good... just over 11 months now... we've had the usual hiccups you'd expect from couples at this stage, but yeah... still love him... and it's going good :)

What else... Went to Cape Town for the holidays... Christmas and New Years... we had the whole family together for the first time in like 8 years... my brother flew out from the states... it was AWESOME!!! Alas, he's flown back already though... but hopefully he'll be back for the World Cup in June... talking of which, man I can't wait for it... it's gonna be awesome!

Ok, so next time I'll talk more about my holiday... ooh ooh... and the MCQP (mother city queer project) party I went to in Cape Town... so so sooo much fun... and the hotties? *le sigh*... lol...

Oh... one more thing... THEM CROOKED VULTURES... Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, John Paul Jones... DO IT!!! It will rock your socks off!




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Went to a friends house warming... was awesome... good to see guys from school days... basically Jade and Gavin are my two best friends... always have been... always will...

Also, managed to get a slight glimpse of my new car :)



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